Windows 1.0 Ships

Windows 1.0 AdNovember 20, 1985

Two years after initially being announced, Microsoft finally ships the first version of Windows. Originally slated to be shipped in April of 1984, the long delay caused skeptics to began to accuse Windows of being “vaporware”. Due to the relatively high demands of then-current PC technology, Windows 1.0 was generally considered too slow to be usable. It wasn’t until Windows 3 that the operating system began to generate significant sales.

  • txpatriot

    I’m a Wintel user myself, but even I have to admit Windows 1 and even Windows 3 was an extremely poor imitation of the Mac OS.
    Steve Jobs may have been an @$$hole, but he knew how to design a friendly user interface. Bill Gates would finally come close with Windows 95, but of course that came more than a decade after the Mac OS.

    • I didn’t have any experience with Windows until the 3.0/3.1 era, nor did I have any real experience with the Mac until about the same timeframe. I had mostly worked with Apple II and MS-DOS up until that time. I didn’t really start to appreciate the differences in operating systems until about the mid-90’s, once I had a couple of years working with each.

    • Dick

      Windows version 1, 2, 3 were not operating systems; they were applications. You can’t compare Mac vs Windows for that reason alone. MS-DOS was your OS

  • poop


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