The Birth of Wireless

Guglielmo MarconiMay 10, 1894

“Wireless” is born when Guglielmo Marconi sends a radio wave three-quarters of a mile. Three years later the Marconi Company will successfully communicate “ship to shore” over a distance of twelve miles. Marconi’s work leads to the commercialization and proliferation of most of the radio technologies we know today.

  • marconi wasnt the first. nor did he invent radio. see tesla.

    • If you read the article carefully, it does not say that Marconi invented the radio, but rather on this date he sent a radio transmission three-quarters of a mile. Later he would improve to twelve miles and eventually his company would help commercialize and proliferate radio technologies. Whatever Tesla did is great, but many times history has shown us that it takes someone else to improve upon and help make an invention or technology accepted by the general public. Taking away nothing from Tesla, but he did not do what Marconi did to popularize radio technology. This event was a very important milestone in the development of radio technology as a practical and useful application.