Arcade Game of Many Firsts

Gran Trek 10March 18, 1974

Atari Introduces Gran Trak 10. It is the first arcade game to use solid state read-only memory (ROM) to store sprites for each car, the game timer, the race track, and the score. As such, it’s the the first game to have defined characters rather than mathematically manipulated dots. The game’s controls, which include a four-position gear shifter, a steering wheel, and two foot pedals, are also all firsts for arcade games.


  • Aradael

    This is incorrect information.  The first game to use a ROM was Tank released by Kee Games, a subsidiary of Atari games in 1974.

    • Aradael

      Correction: Tank was the first to use IC based ROM, and Gran Trak 10 was the first to use Diode based ROM.

      • If you could show me some reference information, I’d be happy to update the article. Thanks!

      • I updated the article to specify “solid state” ROM.

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