The First Personal Computer You Never Heard Of

MCM/70September 25, 1973

Micro Computer Machines of Canada introduces their MCM/70 microcomputer at a programmer’s user conference in Toronto. Possibly the earliest commercially manufactured device that can now be considered a personal computer, the MCM/70 gained customers at companies such as Chevron, Mutual Life Insurance, NASA, and the US Army. The company worked closely with Intel on the design of their computer and made very early use of the Intel 8008 processor, of which the basic design was used for the future Intel 8086. However, failing to generate venture capital in the Canadian marketplace, the MCM/70 never gained significant market acceptance and by the time the Apple II and other early personal computers were being released, the MCM/70 was relegated to a footnote in history.

  • Joe Cimmarrusti

    It’s ironic in how the case design is similar to the later released apple II. I have been a computer enthusiast for years, but have not heard about this Canadian machine until today. With a built in keyboard, this 1973 machine was by far more useful out of the box than the Altair that was released, I believe in 1975/76.

    • It does share a similar shape and style to the Apple II. Whether it was more “useful” than the Altair is debatable, but it was certainly more usable out of the box than the Altair, considering that the Altair was often a kit one had to put together themselves!