First Laser Created

Ted Maiman Holding First LaserMay 16, 1960

Physicist Theodore Maiman creates the first laser light, using a synthetic-ruby crystal device. He was not the first to develop the theories behind lasers nor first to apply for patents, but he was the first to create an operating laser device. The light produced by this device was not a true beam as we think of most lasers today, but rather a pulse. Other researchers would create the first laser beam soon after.

  • Jeffry Bretz

    Who could have known the power of that amazing creation. In under 60 years, we have gone from a pulse of light in the lab to a worldwide communication system that sends trillions of bits of information between cities and across the oceans through the center of a glass pipe 1/5th the thickness of a human hair. The big brother of that invention is knocking missiles out of the sky. Medicine is using laser light to kill cancerous cells and remove tattoos. The entertainment industry produces fabulous light shows. The construction industry uses lasers to make sure ceilings are level. Where do you see lasers being used in the next 10 years? 25?

    • The sky is the limit with human ingenuity. One thing I’ve learned by studying history, technology, and entrepreneurship is that humans are always finding new ways to do things. New advances build off of previous advances. So who knows where laser technology will go from here, but I’m sure there are some people working on new applications as we speak.