Radio Gets Controlled

Federal Radio Commission SealFebruary 23, 1927

The Radio Act of 1927 is signed into law. The Act creates the Federal Radio Commission (FRC), which will later be replaced by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Ironically, the act claims to recognize broadcasters’ right to free speech yet the Federal Radio Commission solely controls allocation of licensing, frequencies, transmitter power, and broadcasting hours. Doesn’t exactly sound like free speech to me, but hey I’m sort of prickly like that.

  • ZoetMB

    Without allocation of licensing, frequencies, transmitter power and broadcasting hours, you have Citizen’s Band radio that no one can receive because of all the interference. Having said that, the FCC did somewhat control radio content until deregulation under the Clinton administration, but that also allowed the conglomerates to take over commercial radio and turn it into the worthless garbage it is today.